Jessica and Ethan's Yosemite Wedding

Yosemite is fairly easy to get to as long as you have a good road map (even if you fly, you´ll need to drive into Yosemite). It is located in Eastern California in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


Flying is a good option for people who don´t mind renting a car. The drive into Yosemite from any large airport is still a couple of hours, but is fairly painless.

Oakland International Airport and Fresno International Airport are the closest large airports to Yosemite. From Oakland, it takes about four hours into the park, and from Fresno it takes about two and a half.

Here you can find out about other airports in the area, road conditions and general travel info.

If you fly into Oakland driving directions into Yosemite can be found here.

If you fly into Fresno, driving directions are here.

If you fly into any other airport, driving directions can be found easily online.


Driving to Yosemite from Salt Lake City is a long drive (approximately 12 hours), but doable in a day. Nevada highways are fairly easy to read on any road map, and Yosemite isn´t far over the California border. If you plan to drive this way, please check road conditions, because Yosemite´s Tioga Pass is often closed in early summer because of snow in the high country. (You shouldn´t have a problem, but it doesn´t hurt to make sure the pass is open!)

When coming from Utah, enter Yosemite through the Tioga Pass Entrance on Yosemite´s east side. Before you get to the pass, you´ll drive through the town of Lee Vining. This is a great place to stop for a meal (especially at the Tioga Pass Gas Station!)

Leaving Lee Vining you´ll head east on highway 120. The road is very steep, very beautiful, and soon you´ll enter the high country. The park entrance is open 24 hours a day and costs $20.00 for a week in the park. The drive to the valley floor or the Yosemite homes from this entrance still takes about two hours, so sit back and enjoy the spectacular scenery. Please make sure to drive very carefully if you arrive at night.

Directions to Lee Vining from Salt Lake City can be found here and here.

This route is not the only way across Nevada, but might be the fastest. Just be sure to pack a Nevada road map.

If you are coming from an area other than Utah, you can get driving directions here.

Enjoy your travels, and we look forward to seeing you there!