Jessica and Ethan's Yosemite Wedding


First things first, lodging in Yosemite fills up fast, really fast. Hotels and homes are already taking reservations for next summer, so once you decide when you want to come, book early!

Ethan and I are staying in Yosemite from July 8th-14th, with the wedding on the 9th. We hope you can stay at least some of this time, because there are a lot of fun things planned including river trips, hikes, and BBQs (see itinerary). Below is a list of lodging options that will help you in finding a room.

Inside the Park

Yosemite Homes -

If you like the idea of a house instead of a hotel room, there are privately owned homes within the park that we can rent. These homes are close to all the attractions (about 30 minutes from Yosemite Valley, and 20 minutes from Glacier Point) and seems like the best option to us. The houses give you more room, a kitchen, and sometimes extras like a grill or pool table.

There are two home rental companies in the same "neighborhood." Both offer small and large homes, condos, and even apartments. They also offer great prices at about $50 a person per night. If you want a large home, and would be interested in sharing the home with other guests, please call or e-mail us and we´ll see who else wants to share.

The Bride´s family will be staying at the Scenic Wonders house, and all cocktail parties, BBQs and, other events will be hosted there.

Check out the two rental companies at the following addresses:

Yosemite West
Reservation phone number- 559-642-2211

Scenic Wonders
Reservations phone number- 1-888-YOSEMITE

Yosemite Hotels -

When it comes to accommodations, Yosemite has everything from rustic tent camps to a four star hotel. The summer months are extremely popular, so hotels are often booked months in advance, so book early.

Here is some more info on the four main hotels within the park:

Yosemite Lodge - This is a hotel in Yosemite Valley. Guests book "lodge rooms" away from the main building. These rooms are nice and comfortable and are close to a lot of main attractions. Yosemite Lodge Reviews

Curry Village - Here you can rent cabins or tents and stay right in the heart of Yosemite Valley. This is the least expensive option for staying in the park. Curry Village is very busy during the summer months, so expect a crowd. Also, book a room with a private bath, unless you don´t mind trudging down to the shared baths in the middle of the night! Curry Village Reviews

Ahwahnee Hotel - This is Yosemite´s grandest hotel and also where Ethan and I are getting married. It was built in the ´20s and has an art deco/ Native American feel. The rooms are beautiful, but are priced high. Ahwahnee Hotel Reviews

Wawona - this is an old Victorian hotel, about an hour away from Yosemite Valley. If you stay here, book a room with a private bath. The rooms are beautiful and have a historic feel. However, the drive into the valley is very curvy, so this might not be the best option for someone with motion sickness. Wawona Hotel Reviews

Outside the Park

There are many small towns around Yosemite and each offers various kinds of lodging. These are good options if you don´t mind driving into the park each day or if you want to explore central California.

El Portal -

This town is very small and just has a couple of hotels for Yosemite Guests. You can find information about the following hotels, and others at

Yosemite View Lodge - This hotel looks pretty nice and is only about thirty minutes from Yosemite Valley. Prices are comparable to Yosemite Lodge in the valley.

Cedar Lodge - This hotel looks nice, and is a little bit farther from the valley. It takes about 40 minutes to get into Yosemite Valley from this hotel. Prices are comparable.

This is only a small sampling of what is available around Yosemite. There are other towns, entrances, private homes, and hotels to choose from, and if you are adventurous, there is always camping! For more information about camping please visit, and remember campsites often go as quickly as hotel rooms, so book early.

If you need additional help finding lodging, contact us, because there are many more options that are available. We can´t wait to see you at our wedding, and hope you can find the perfect room!

Lots of Love,

Jessica and Ethan