Jessica and Ethan's Yosemite Wedding

The Wedding

Yosemite is spectacular and magical. When we started talking about where to have a destination wedding more than a year ago, Yosemite was our top choice. Because we want our family and friends to enjoy the park as much as we do, we are scheduling some activities that we (the Bride and Groom) will do. If you want to join us, great, if not, that´s fine too. All the activities are optional, so don´t feel like you have to come to any of them.

The largest, and most important activity, is the wedding. It is being held at the Ahwahnee Hotel on July 9th. The ceremony starts at 5:20 in the wedding meadow behind the hotel. Parking is free, and there is a valet service if you wish you use that. The ceremony will last until about 6:00, and then we will head to the Solarium where the reception will be held. Cocktails, appetizers, dinner and dancing will follow!

We look forward to all the events to come, and can´t wait to see you at the wedding.

Planned Activities

We are so excited to have you join us in Yosemite! The following activities are what we (the Bride and Groom) will be doing during our week in Yosemite. Join us if you wish!

Please note this is very rough and might change substantially. Continue to check back to get the most up to date information.

Spreadsheet of itinerary in PDF Format

Saturday July 8th

12:00 am - Glacier Point & Lunch
Join us today for lunch at one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the world! From Glacier Point you´ll have a bird´s eye view of Yosemite Valley. You do not need to hike to this point, just park and walk a few hundred yards. We will relax, eat, and enjoy ourselves while taking in the beautiful scenery.

Please pack your own lunch.

2:00 pm - Relax
We´ll need some time to finish up some last minute details. However, there is a lot to do in Yosemite, so don´t let this time go to waste. Take a hike, go swimming, or check Yosemite Today for other activities.

5:00 pm - Rehearsal Dinner
If you´re in the wedding party, we will be doing a rehearsal dinner tonight. Click here for more details (coming soon).

If you´re not in the wedding party, enjoy exploring Yosemite some more, and maybe think about doing the Vernal Mist Trail, a guided Ranger Walk, or dinner at one of the many restaurants.

9:00 pm - Lady´s Beauty Night
All ladies are invited to a beauty night at the Scenic Wonders house. (Map can be found here). Please bring at least one beauty item that can be shared (nail polish, face mask, foot cream, etc.) and look forward to a night of fun and gossip.

Sunday July 9th- Wedding Day

5:20 pm - Jessica and Ethan´s Yosemite Wedding
The only activity planned for the 9th is the wedding. It starts at 5:20 pm on the Wedding Lawn at The Ahwahnee Hotel.

For more wedding details, please look above at “The Wedding”.

NOTE: Yosemite Valley turns into a traffic jam between 4:00 and 5:30 on Sunday nights. Weekend travelers are leaving the valley, and it might take an hour or more to drive less than a mile. Please leave yourself plenty of travel time.

Monday July 10th-

11:00 am - Cathedral Beach Brunch
Join us this morning for a brunch next to the beautiful Merced River. From here you can really take in the beauty of Yosemite Valley. Bring a swimsuit if you plan to wade into the river, and enjoy a great brunch on a truly beautiful beach.

2:00 pm - River Rafting
The Merced River is one of our favorite places in the park. It winds through Yosemite Valley, and the river itself is wonderful. We will meet at the Curry Village raft rental station at 2:00. Bring your own snacks and sunscreen, and wear a swimsuit!

Rafting costs $13.50 for adults and $11.50 for children. They do not allow children under 50 lbs. to go rafting.

6:00 pm - BBQ
Join us at the Scenic Wonders house for a night of BBQ! (Map) Be prepared for great food, good company, and ice cream floats!

Tuesday July 11th

10:30 am - Taft Point Hike
This is one of our favorite hikes in the park because it´s easy, beautiful, and not very crowded! We´ll hike to a point with a spectacular view of Yosemite Valley. This hike might not be the best for anyone with a fear of heights.

1:00 pm - Pasta Bar
After a morning hike pasta will taste great. Join us at the Scenic Wonders house (map) to enjoy a hot lunch. Pasta with marinara, alfredo, and pesto will be served along with bread sticks and salad.

5:00 pm - Yosemite Falls Walk
This is an easy walk, and totally worth it, even for those who don´t like hiking. We will get a chance to see Yosemite Falls up close and take some amazing pictures. Also, we will eat dinner at the falls.

Please bring you own packed dinner.

8:00 pm - Moonlight Tour
Yosemite offers a moonlight tour on nights of the full moon. We luckily planned the wedding fairly close to a full moon! We will meet at Yosemite Lodge for the tour at sunset (to check exact time of tour, check Yosemite Today).

Costs are $22.00 for adults, $20.00 for seniors and $17.00 for children.

Wednesday July 12th

9:00 am - Panoramic Hike
Today we are going to take the most serious hike of the week. If you are a hiking fan, this one is for you! We will start at Glacier Point and hike an eight and a half mile trek to the valley floor. We will not see many crowds on this hike, because it a little longer. We´ll pass three waterfalls on the way, including Nevada Falls, Vernal Falls, and the little known Illilouette Falls.

Please bring your own lunch, snacks and lots of water!

6:00 pm - Degnan´s Loft Dinner
After a long day of hiking, going out to dinner will taste great. Tonight we´ll meet at Degnan´s Loft. After dinner, we´ll explore Yosemite Village on foot, and check out the Ansel Adams shop and the Yosemite Visitors Center.

Thursday July 13th

11:00 am - Bridal Veil Falls
This short walk takes you to the base of another spectacular waterfall. It is a very short easy climb to a viewpoint. For those who want to get even closer to the falls, we can climb over the rocks and boulders to get a better view of the base.

Please pack your own lunch, we´ll eat at the falls.

1:30 pm - Merced River
Pack your swimsuit, because we´re going swimming! The Merced River has beautiful beaches and great swimming. Meet us in the El Capitan View Point parking lot. (Map) We´ll head to the river from there and enjoy an afternoon of pure summer fun. Please pack sunscreen and snacks.

3:00 pm - Bear Walk
Each Friday Yosemite Park Rangers offer a free one hour guided walk in the valley. We will learn about and hopefully spot a black bear! See Yosemite Today for more details and the meeting location.

This is the last night we are going to be in Yosemite. We´ll relax, start packing, and enjoy the evening. Nothing specifically is planned.